Welcome to the Faculty of Law, Management and Economics


+++ Limited operation +++ Buildings closed for the public +++

JGU is in a limited mode of operation.

Since March 18, 2020, the buildings of the the Faculty of Law, Management and Economics remain closed for the public until further notice. Only staff members are allowed to enter the faculty buildings.

It is currently not possible to visit the dean's office, the registrar's office, the faculty's international offices or the computer labs.

Keep distance. Information on how JGU deals with the COVID-19 pandemic


Research, Teaching and Practical Application

A total of over 5,000 students are enrolled at the Faculty of Law, Management and Economics, with around half studying law and the other half studying management and economics. Another 1,000 students join the faculty taking courses there as a minor subject.
Every year the faculty welcomes nearly 1,000 new students and says goodbye to around 750 graduates who leave having completed their first state law exam or a degree in business and economics and are ready to face the world of work.

A team of 46 professors and over 100 academic staff are there to support the students through their very first registration at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) right up until the day they celebrate their graduation.

Thanks to its central location, the Faculty of Law, Management and Economics is just a few steps away from the University’s main facilities adding to the unique character of the JGU campus. From here, students can gain an insight into other areas of study completely different to their own, helping to break down the barriers between subject areas.

Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching at the Gutenberg School of Management and Economics

With a total of 22 professors and one junior professor, the Gutenberg School of Management and Economics (GSME), part of the Faculty of Law, Management and Economics, is one of the biggest schools at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. More than 2,700 students are enrolled at the school in management and economics courses as well as courses for management and economics education. Over 1,000 students also take courses at the school as a minor subject.

Mainz School of Law

Studying law in Mainz gives you access to a range of top class courses. All of the compulsory subjects are offered on a regular basis, and students have the chance to specialize in specific areas of research. On top of a wide variety of elective courses, students can specialize in commercial law, European law, financial and tax law as well as media law. There is even the option to study rather specialized areas of law, such as migration law.